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N2 SupplierNitrogen Gas Generator for LC-MS

SIC N2 Supplier provides security and safety for your LC-MS laboratory.

N2 Supplier Products

N2 SupplierN2 Supplier supplies Nitrogen gas several minutes after pressing the switch for LC-MS analysis. 24 hours’ continuous operation is possible by using N2 Supplier, which provides security and safety for your laboratory.

N2 Supplier Feature
- Out of application of the high pressure gas control Law
- Oil-free scroll compressor improved for the equipment
- Low-noise compressor with noise level of below 51db
- Much less pressure fluctuation by compressor on & off

Hydrocarbon Trap

SIC N2 Supplier Model Line-up

[Separate type]:
For LC/MS(/MS)
           Model:              12EC / 20EC / 30EC / 50EC
           For AB Sciex:    24E-SDA /12E-SDA / 10E-SDA / 10E-SDA-S
For Lab.:                      02B / 05B (AC100V only)
For ELSD.:                   05B/ 05BE / 05BL (AC100V only)

[Compressor Built-in Model for LC/MC]:
           N2 Supplier Model 30F
           N2 Supplier Model 07E-SDA (for AB Sciex)
Download N2 Supplier English Catalog here.

[Optional Device for Built-in Model]:
           Hydrocarbon Trap K. 20 / Hydrocarbon Trap K. 40
Download Hydrocarbon Trap English Catalog here.

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