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HPCPCTMHigh Performance Centrifugal Partition Chromatography

HPCPC is a new technique of Liquid Chromatography, LC, which is support free, and which finds its place among the several Liquid Chromatographic methods.

HPCPCThe new innovated HPCPCTM is getting more involved in many fields of chemistry, for purification of antibiotics, petides, tannins, saponins, lipids, drugs, ...... its future development will see the production of bigger HPCPCTM units, and it will incorporate crucial fields of chemistry, such as chiral separations.

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  • No loss of sample since both mobile and stationary phases are liquids and can be collected for total recovery.
  • The volume ratio of stationary to mobile phases is definitely much higher, which leads to higher capacities and better resolution with no need of a high number of theoretical plates.
  • The extreme flexibility of biphasic systems (mixtures of two or three or four solvents), which allows to modify the selectivity of a system in order to get a pure compound, in the HPCPCTM the polarities of both phases can be smoothly modified.
  • The reduced solvent consumption, ten times less than for preparative scale chromatography for the same throughput, which is of interest for environmental considerations. Separation accomplished with laboratory HPCPCTM can be directly scaled up to production scale HPCPCTM.
  • Another major advantage is the extremely low price of the stationary phase (solvents) compared to that of column packing. Moreover, stationary can be refreshed easily, and added materials like chiral selectors or complexing agents can be recovered with no loss. Several publications in international journals bring valuable information.

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